Career Introduction

I am an American living in Paris originally from Chicago, Illinois.

As an Assistant Professor of Medical Art, a sabbatical leave from the University of Illinois Medical Center, Chicago in 1981 provided me with the opportunity to come to Paris, France to illustrate for Dr. Paul Tessier, the father of cranio-facial surgery.

After the initial six month sabbatical working with Dr. Tessier, at his request, my collaboration continued for another year preparing surgical illustrations for publications, films, and international meetings.

An encounter with a certain « french man » led to mariage a year later, followed by two wonderful Franco-American children and a 30 year career as a free-lance médical illustrator in France and Internationally.

For more information…..see AMI Interview Mar/Apr 2002
Elle magasine /1984 Merri Scheitlin « Croquese de Cranes »

In 2007, I decided to apply my artistic expérience solely to fine arts and embarked on my new journey as a painter.



1974 : B.S. in Medical Art : University of Illinois Chicago Medical Center (5 year degree)

1976 : M. Ed. : University of Illinois Champagne-Urbana

1978 : Associate Member of the Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI)

1994 : Certified Medical Illustrator : CMI